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"Dubuque Brewing & Malting Co."

30"x40" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Let's go back in time...

Most would recognize this building if there were crumbling walls and boarded up windows, which is how the building stands now. Mercedes wanted to capture the true beauty and history of this building. With that intention she decided to paint this historic building as she image it would have looked in 1896-1915. This was when the building was "state of the art" at it's time. The Dubuque Brewing & Malting Company would even transport the barrels of beer on wagons with horses.

Finished Summer of 2021

Dubuque Malting Co_M.jpg

"Clock on Main"

24"x36" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Finished Spring of 2021

Clock on Main

"Julien Dubuque Bridge Sunset"

16"x40" Gallery Wrap Canvas

Finished Spring of 2021

Sunset at Julien DBQ Bridge
Cats_Hosch_2 on the Steps.jpg

Custom Artwork


How special of a gift would this be for a loved one!?


Mercedes is happy to paint you or your loved one a special, meaningful, and original masterpiece. Capture that favorite pet, new home, vacation spot, vehicle or whatever your heart desires. This will be something you can cherish for many years to come!

The meaning behind the artwork ...

The artwork in our home is important. It reflects who we are, it sparks our imagination, and shows what's truly important to us. Having your fondest memories 'captured on canvas' is a way to make our homes unique and special. The artwork in our homes should put a smile on our face, whether it is the subject in the painting, or simply the colors and textures.


There is more meaning behind having a painting versus a photograph. A painting captures and focuses on those precious memories or things in such a colorful, unique way. A hand-painted piece is something that can never be re-created in the exact same way.

The art from the artist, Mercedes Pfab, is more than a painting,

it is...

decades of practice & experience

years of trial and error

patience & mindset

it is her passion

it is her dream!


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